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Realtor Self-Defense Class

August 27, 2019 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


The mobile Shaan Saar Realtor Self Protection & Safety Training program is taught under the direction of Shaan Saar Chief Instructor Gabriel Mora, and addresses potential threats and hazards a Realtor may face. The nature of the Real Estate Industry presents a higher personal safety risk to individuals, making split-second judgement intense situations necessary. These situations call for the most effective, efficient safety training possible.

Most Realtors, like most people, never consider learning violence prevention skills thinking that they will never fall victim to violence, but when it does happen most crimes against Realtors are highly violent crimes and many times have resulted in hospitalization, and in some cases, loss of life. To a criminal, a Realtor is an easy target. By the nature of the Real Estate industry, Realtors are higher risk than most jobs because professionals usually work alone with people they don’t know in isolated locations or on vacant properties.


About Your Instructor

Shaan Saar is Orlando’s only authentic Krav Maga facility and specializes in reality-based, stress tested self-defense training. Founded in 2018 by owners Gabriel Mora and Reneé Rose. Shaan Saar represents the Krav Maga Street Defence System, known internationally for superior quality in training and one of the few Israeli recognized training systems. Chief Instructor Gabriel Mora is a 3rd Dan Israeli Blackbelt, locally and internationally awarded for his teaching methods.

They provide mobile violence prevention for Real Estate professionals throughout Central Florida. Krav Maga, Israeli Close Quarters Contact Combat, has long been known to be one of quickest forms of neutralizing violent attacks. Shaan Saar helps train Real Estate professionals to be competent and confident in a wide range of self-defense and preparedness techniques through Krav Maga.



Specializing In The Worlds’ Most Efficient & Effective Personal Safety Training

As a Realtor, why would I need this type of training?

Most crimes against Realtors are violent crimes and in multiple cases have resulted in hospitalization and/or loss of life.

Why would I be targeted for an attack?

Realtors are often soft targets who meets what an attacker looks for. Meaning someone who is frequently working alone and isolated or on a vacant property. This gives an attacker time to plan, successful realtors are high profile who look like they may have valuables worth choosing one for an attack.

Won’t having my phone with a Realtor Safety App on it protect me?

Relying on gadgets can and most often gives people a false sense of security. Before introducing any safety devices, one should understand how to use their mind and body since phones or other external devices can be dropped or taken resulting in an escalation of the potential for violence. And most people are not aware that 911 does not always have the ability to determine your exact location. When you consider that the average response time for police can be anywhere from 8 to 18 minutes depending on where you live, calling 911 does little to prevent an attack.

How could my promotional material affect my safety?

Realtors publish their photos, phone numbers and online access. In addition, the use of other social media platforms to promote provide the criminals with very valuable personal information sometimes including their location in scenarios like an open house with the times. This allows the criminal the ability to monitor and scope the location giving them a huge advantage in planning any type of attack.


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August 27, 2019
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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