According to local transit watchdog blog, SunRail Riders (Website), the commuter train leadership team is considering switching away from ticket vending machines, in favor of a mobile payment app.

There have been a number of hiccups lately with the ticketing kiosks at a a handful of SunRail stations along the corridor in the past few months.

According to SunRail Riders, SunRail CEO, Nicola Liquori, has stated that they are looking into a mobile payment app that would allow riders to pay through their smart phones, in conjunction with LYNX and their bus services.

SunRail Communications Manager, Steve Olson, told Bungalower that the decision is pending, as well as the following:

We are working toward that goal [of having a mobile payment system]. There would still be the existing fare media options for customers, if they choose.  We are also working with other transit partners. The platform will be on both Apple and Android apps.”

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