I promise to not have too many posts about the site, but wanted to say thank you for reading Bungalower.com. The site has only been live a little over a week but the reaction from readers has been fantastic.

I’ve thought about doing a site like this for quite some time. I’ve written columns about neighborhood sites like this on news industry sites. I’ve even attended neighborhood blog conferences (yep they exist). It was time to make it happen here in Orlando.

Here is what I’ve been up to in this short amount of time:

  • Posted over 50 articles in two weeks
  • Had over 2,000 people visit the site this week (almost all in Orlando) and it grows every day
  • Written about over 20 businesses opening in the Bungalow area
  • Received almost 300 likes on the Bungalower Facebook (If you’re not one, Like us)
  • Launched Bunglaower.com design that lets you browse by neighborhood and is mobile friendly

But the best part so far has been hearing from people about how they discovered a new business, restaurant or even neighborhood because of something they saw on the site. Keep helping me explore the bungalow neighborhoods and send any questions, feedback or tips you have.

You can look forward to more posts about the bungalow neighborhoods (and less posts about me writing posts). We’ve also have some exciting features planned for the site and the launch of a regular newsletter. You can signup now.

Thanks again for reading.


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  1. We LOVE the new blog! Thanks for keeping us all up to date!

    -theORLANDOAN team (Andi & Alex)

    P.s. hope to see you at BlogCon!

    1. Thanks Andi. Always enjoy what you and Alex put together every week. We’ll see if I can make it this year had a great opportunity to speak at BlogCon last year on how to make money while blogging. Let’s hope I can put that into practice! 🙂