Super Joy Riders Security Video

Security cameras caught Super Joy Riders doing good in the community. It is believed that the Super Joy Riders, still at-large, were in the process of removing graffiti off of the building in the 1700 block of Ivanhoe Village when the security cameras captured them.

The anti-criminals can be seen in the video wearing capes and costumes most likely not as disguises but instead to have fun. Their get away vehicle was identified by witnesses as “multiple bikes and trikes.”

While law enforcement officials referred to the group as “an organized gang” and told Bungalower that they believe they gather on the last Sunday of the month at the Lake Eola farmers market.

The Super Joy Riders are even brazen enough to have setup a website to promote their activities.

We reached out to Super Joy Riders organizer Brendan O’Connor for comment and here is what he had to say:

If you like to put on tights, masks, and do weird things in public then Super Joy Riders is the group for you.

We are asking anyone who sees the suspects in the video to either join them or give them a high-five.

Here’s the security video:

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