We’ve had a couple of readers write in to ask about why Summerlin Ave between Briercliff Drive and Cherokee St is closed [GMap]. Additionally we had one eagle-eyed readers ask if they were adding a roundabout.

The reason for the road closure is because the city is working street drainage improvements.

The Richmond Street Drainage Improvements Project is on portions of S. Summerlin Ave, Richmond St., Florida St., and Delaney Park Dr.

According to the City of Orlando project description it includes “new stormwater inlets and piping, replacement of sanitary sewer lines and laterals, potable water lines, concrete curbing, underdrains, roadway base and brick restoration.”

Is is expected that the work will be complete and the road will reopen in April.

As for the roundabout at Osceola Avenue and Cherokee Drive, it will just be a temporary one to help manage the increase in traffic because of the road work.

If you have an Ask Bungalower question you can contact us and we’ll do our best to find out what’s happening.

Summerlin Ave

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  1. So the traffic from this is detoured onto S. Mills (my street). Then last week they closed Gore and directed that onto Mills as well. So what we get now is a freeway-level mess during the morning and evening rush. I’m lucky if I can get out of the driveway. Poor planning on the part of the city!

  2. I’ve been driving that way regularly lately, and I don’t get how a traffic circle helps manage traffic. I think it makes things more confusing. Can anyone explain how traffic circles improve the flow of traffic?