Penske Move

Penske Truck Rental released their annual report on where people are moving to.

Orlando ranked number four for the second year in a row.

Tampa/Sarasota surged to number two after the cities were combined. The best we can tell is that they are looking at not just the city but the entire region.

Here’s a look at this year’s rankings with the previous year in parentheses.

  1. Atlanta (1)
  2. Tampa, Fla./Sarasota, Fla. (new combined entry)
  3. Dallas/Fort Worth (2)
  4. Orlando, Fla. (4)
  5. Phoenix (3)
  6. Houston (6)
  7. Seattle (8)
  8. Chicago (5)
  9. Denver (7)
  10. Las Vegas (new)

The list is created through an analysis of their one-way consumer truck rental reservations made in 2013.

Why do you think Orlando is consistently in the top ten?

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  1. mdeancherry It’s not that easy. The AP Style for state abbreviations is still the three letter abbreviation. And this is what most news site use. The US Postal service changed it to the two letter ones but not everyone agreed and followed.

  2. @PenskeCares Bungalower  A small pet peeve of mine that you may want to consider in future articles, Fla stopped being the official state and federal abbreviation for Florida in 1963. Since then, the abbreviation has been FL.

  3. Weather, access to 24/7/365 recreation, no state income tax, entrepreneur and technology friendly.

  4. I think UCF is a big reason–being the second largest university in the country means lots of graduates who tend to stick around if they can find a job (I know I did).

  5. Bungalower We are big enough to be our own market here. Tampa is #14. Sarasota itself would be #99. Most refer to us as regional to TPA

  6. RichGanim Thanks. Yeah…looks like some people are including it and others don’t. Looks like State agencies started it 🙂