Brians Restaurant

Brian’s Restaurant (Facebook) in Ivanhoe Village has new owners today.

The new owners are Desiree and Karl Elliot.

Desiree tells Bungalower that they plan to keep things as they are so that they can better get to know the current customers.

“We want to keep the existing customers and nothing to change for them,” she said.

One thing they will notice is an expanded restaurant.

Brian’s will be taking over the space next door which is currently Nora’s (Website | Facebook).

Nora’s owner Nora Booker tells Bungalower they are looking for a new spot in the Ivanhoe Village/Mills 50 area and that they are still working out when their last day will be but most likely sometime in the May.

“I have never been sadder but look forward to bigger and better. Fingers crossed and good vibes,” she wrote in an e-mail to Bungalower.

The new space would give the new owners of Brian’s an opportunity to make any modifications or changes to the menu or concept.

Desiree says they picked Ivanhoe Village because they felt it’s a up-and-coming area.

“It just seems pretty family oriented and homey,” she said.

Restaurants aren’t new to the Elliots, Karl is an award-winning chef having worked in a variety of restaurants.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on their expansion and where Nora’s ends up.

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  1. Deselliott  Sorry for the misunderstanding. I wasn’t saying Brian’s isn’t family oriented. I’m sure it is. I was referring to the bars, clubs, galleries, theater, and some restaurants in the Ivanhoe area, that are more for 20 somethings or older.

  2. Carlos; Brian’s in my opinion seems very family oriented. I’ve met so many people that have been dining there for years. I think you’ll be very happy with some changes that will be made… Please come in soon and ask for Desiree or Karl. We’ll be happy to take care of you:)

  3. ““It just seems pretty family oriented and homey,”
    Except for the playground across the street, I don’t think of Ivanhoe Village as “family oriented”. It’s mostly bars, a couple clubs, some restaurants, and has a homeless population across the street. That’s why I personally like hanging around there 🙂

    I will miss Nora being there, and I hope she can find a cozy place to call home again nearby.

  4. So glad to see Karl Elliot as a chef in this area. He is an absolute pleasure to dine with, with a great personality and top-notch food. Can’t wait to see what this James Beard award-winning chef has to offer Ivanhoe Village.

  5. I was never a fan of Brian’s and I’m bummed the new owners are forcing Nora out. Can’t we force out Brian’s and expand Nora’s?? Now that’s some change I can get behind.

  6. Hi Heather, Can you message me his/her’s info? Article didn’t say the building was sold. Just the business. The building is owned by the former owner’s of Brian’s. Not sure what their plans are for building ownership.

  7. Nora’s Lake Ivanhoe Wine and Cigars is where we kick back as if we were home, hope they take good care of Nora!

  8. I wonder if this means Brian’s will open up for dinner…hint hint Brian’s! #bestfishsandwich