Fashion Square Mall Plan

We told you back in July about the plans to add a hotel to Fashion Square Mall and now the developers are looking to add an apartment complex to the area.

According to documents filed with the City, the apartment complex would not be attached to the mall itself but would be three buildings with a total of 593 units.

On the plan submitted to the City, one building  is adjacent to Dillards, which includes a parking garage facing the mall. Another building is in the area behind Dick’s Sporting Goods, with the apartments facing the Cady Way Trail and a garage facing the parking lot behind Dick’s. A third building wraps around Lake Overstreet.

This plan includes increasing the mall area by 87,611 square feet bringing the total retail for the plan to almost 1.4 million square feet. The new plan also adds 6,300 square feet of office space and reduces the theater by 350 seats.

The plan isn’t just about buildings, the City is requesting that the developers include a 10-foot wide pedestrian/bike path along Herndon Ave and McCollough Ave that would fill in a gap of the Cady Way Trail. The new portion connects the dedicated Cady Way pedestrian/bike trail to the north-west side of the property which already has a path that leads into Lake Druid Park. It would also bring the bike path closer to the path on Mcguire Blvd on the other side of Colonial Drive that connects to Lake Underhill Park.

Here’s a look at how this area helps connect some of the existing trails:

Fashion Square Mall Trails

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  1. They should rename McCullough to Herndon. It’s confusing that it randomly changes names. I hope someday they will tear down most of the old mall have a path/road that goes straight across instead of having to go around. 

    @Jason Ferguson Hopefully it won’t be a mall forever.

  2. That hotel is an option of last resort for a lot of people who would otherwise be homeless. While I can see why it’s not viewed as a “desirable” use I would call it not “worthwhile”.

  3. CarlosVazquez2  You should add that comment here:

  4. I saw a plan, a couple years ago, where they were going to extend the Cady Way trail south on I think Herndon (or it could have been Lake Baldwin Trail), and they would build a trail along the north side of the Executive Airport, but behind Colonial Landing. I’d like to see something like this, instead of having to bike through the mall, across Colonial and into another shopping center. Then hope no one hits you when you are making that dangerous left onto the widened sidewalk along Maguire.
    Btw, Mcguire is misspelled 🙂

  5. It’s nice to see that they are finally going to build the Cady Way Trail connection. Not just Orlando but the whole Central FL region’s bike trails have a lot of gaps and missing links, it’s nice to see that the city is requesting the developer to fill in the gap here at least.

  6. I am really looking forward to this, especially the apartments. Any ETA on when all of this could be completed?

  7. I live closest to this mall and yet I never go other than for the food trucks. Instead I go to Millenia and others. You have to have the stores and restaurants that people want, most important thing.

  8. They keep getting more ambitious.  I’m glad.  Apartments that close will boost mall shoppers.  I’m curious what the new retail stores will be.  I just don’t like the fact that the theater would become smaller.  I don’t really see why that is necessary given the plan.

  9. They will be changing the look and feel of the mall and I would imagine they plan to bring in better stores…we’ll see what happens.

  10. Would rather have the weekly motel down the street turned into something worthwhile, like a park, or hotel. All the same, glad they are starting to develop the area regardless.

  11. No, it needs better stores and a complete aesthetic overhaul. Those stores have no appeal to the surrounding and nearby bungalow neighborhoods.

  12. We need upgrades, park, village atmosphere for this neglected section of Colonial/Bennett/Maguire

  13. “Where do I live? I live at the mall. It’s super-cool. I love it.” – nobody, ever