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Bungalower has learned that Cindy’s Tropical Cafe (Facebook) plans to move into Health Village later this month.

The Cafe will move into the space that was occupied by the Sunrise Dinner at 2512 N Orange Ave [GMap].

Cindy’s will drop “tropical” from their name and changing their tagline from “Latin and Cuban Cuisine” to “Authentic Cuban Kitchen”.

The owners tell Bungalower they will be expanding both their menu, now that they will have a full kitchen, and operating hours. They are looking to stay open for dinner.

Their existing location at 601 Virginia Drive remains open until they move.

The new location is expected to be open later this month. We’ll let you know once it does.

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  1. I’m going to miss them and my daily cafe con leche ritual but am happy to see them grow.

  2. Just tried to call them. Phone has been disconnected. Ugh. I am so, so sad. I loved that couple and was so worried for them. I never went to Panera. Wanted to support them. 🙁

  3. This is great news. I was concerned that the opening of Panera would put them out of business. Nice little place with good food! #buylocalorlando

  4. I’m glad to see their hours will improve. The food has always been good but I can never figure out when they’re open! I actually just thought about walking over there… but their website says they’re closed today (Tuesday lunch?! Makes no sense…)

  5. If this is the case, Wendys sure has not updated their offering. Perhaps a prior contractual agreement supersedes the bacony goodness?

  6. I believe that lot is not owned by FL Hospital. Also FL Hospital now is allowing restaurants to serve bacon (e.g. Panera).

  7. Went to Sunrise once or twice. While the owner was nice, the food was nothing more than mediocre. Glad to see Cindy’s moving in but hope they read the contract to make sure they can continue serving those delicious pork products! (FL Hospital owns the land Wendy’s is on, which is located the next block over from Sunrise and does not allow Wendys to use the antichrist, I mean bacon). Arguably one of the best cuban sandwiches in town — certainly the best I’ve ever had.