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Ivanhoe Village Utility Box Pays Tribute to Joyland


Ivanhoe Joyland Utility Box

Ivanhoe Village is in the process of painting the utility boxes in the district to celebrate the rich history of the area.

Their latest box on the corner of Virginia Drive and Orange Ave pays tribute to the former theme park near the lake called Joyland.

We’ve covered the history of Joyland on Bungalower and the significance of the pineapples.

The utility box features two women sitting on the shore and pineapples on the side.

The Ivanhoe Village utility boxes are being painted by local artist Andrew Spear.

The previous box honors Paul Wegman, who worked for every theatre in the neighborhood (except newbie The Venue).

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  1. I realize that. Just makes more sense to not bring attention dumpsters. Inexpensive enclosures make more sense. New construction requires enclosures. Eventually the paint will be ruined during the collection process.

  2. I think some off the Utility boxes are little to much (gory),i would like to see them blend more into nature(more in the rustic tones+ greens) instead sticking out like a soar thumb!!! They are a beautiful art but to much for some areas!

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