Kappo East End

Japanese shop Kappo (Website | Facebook) is now open in East End Market.

The shop has been testing out different portions of the menu over the past couple weeks including their desserts (Koala Mama ) and sushi (Makimono) and Onigiri.

This week they’ll be adding a lunch box option similar to a bento box and regular noodle dishes.

The name Kappo comes from the Japanese dining style where patrons are served at the counter and the food is made in front of the guest.

They are sourcing some of their ingredients from the East End Market where they have already begun planting Japanese vegetables.

Owner Jennifer Banagale told Bungalower they will be working with as many local farmers as possible.

“Even though we are Japanese cuisine we are trying to deal with local farmers. It’s a challenge working in Orlando, but that’s also the fun part,” she said.

They’ll be focusing on a small select menu with a variety of styles of food.

Their complete menu will be available starting with their grand opening on August 10.


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