One year ago today we posted our first story on Bungalower. At the time, I was just testing the concept for Bungalower. Wondering if there would be enough to cover in the area to keep the website alive. After sharing with a couple of friends, I started noticing traffic on the site. Very quickly I realized the site was no longer just a proof of concept, it was already a main source of news for the people who had found our site.

I still didn’t know if Orlando was ready for a site like Bungalower. Most of the sites like ours exist in larger cities like Chicago, San Francisco or Baltimore. Orlando was more than ready. More people read Bungalower every month than live in the area we cover. That’s because  even people who don’t live directly in the bungalow district want to be engaged with our city.

Bungalower focuses on building strong cities. We do that by connecting people with their city. It’s our hope that our local news website does just that. Our focus on news that you care about in the bungalow districts helps to keep you informed about what’s happening in your city. Our paid members are telling us that the Bungalower Bundle gets them out of their house and engaging with our city by try the great places in our area while supporting the work of Bungalower.

We hope that our passion for building a stronger city comes through in what we do every day. We don’t write stories or headlines to get you to click to our site but instead we write stories to get you to come back tomorrow. And we appreciate you doing just that. It’s been an honor in just a year to become an habitual part of our readers life.

We’re excited to take our mission further over the next year as we focus on providing increased opportunities to connect you with our city.

If you haven’t done so already please consider becoming a paid member where we’ll send you our monthly Bungalower Bundle and 100% of the membership goes to support Bungalower. Click here to learn more >>

First year of Bungalower:

  • 700 articles about news in the bungalow district
  • Over 150 members signed up to get the Bungalower Bundle
  • Over 7,000 comments on our stories
  • 3,800 fans on Facebook
  • Over 5,500 events in our events calendar
  • Over 1,300 people get our newsletter and more than half read each one
  • We’ve taken over 5,000 photos in the bungalow districts

Thanks for a great first year…we’ll be having a party to celebrate soon (get the newsletter to get an invite)!

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  1. This site is great. It’s been a valuable resource since the moment it launched. Unfortunately I’ll be moving out of my bungalower neighborhood, but I’ll still be reading the site. 

    On a related note – does anyone know of a site this good for Winter Park?

  2. I love you guy’s Congrats!!! keep up the great work, you sure keep us informed as to what is going on in Downtown Orlando 🙂

  3. Keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing what you will do over the next year and will support anyway I can.