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Orlando Magic to install temporary Mag_c display around downtown



The Orlando Magic plan to build a temporary display of the word “Magic” with a missing “I” and move it around downtown.

The idea is that residents can take photos as the letter “I” and post to social media. According to the documents filed with the city, residents will be eligible to win prizes and interact with Orlando Magic talent.

“We are looking forward to sharing this unique, interactive way for our fans to engage with the Magic,” Lisa Cotter, Orlando Magic Vice President of Marketing told Bungalower.

The structures weigh approximately 1,000 pounds and stands six-and-a-half feet tall and 28 feet wide.

The display will first be installed at Lake Eola from September 24 to October 25, then at Wall Street on October 28 and then at the Amway Center Plaza the following day, where it will remain until June 2017.

In addition, the Magic will install a banner on the bridge between the Geico Garage and the Amway center reading “Pure Magic.”

Pure Magic Banner

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  1. OMagicDaily MagicBasketball it’s at the point where believe in magic will never be more applicable, but the team doesn’t want to admit it

  2. OMagicDaily MagicBasketball I know they used it already, at a time when they didn’t pay some company 6figures to come up with WeWill_____

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