The Winn-Dixie on Colonial Drive in Coytown will be closing soon.

A spokesperson for the grocery story told Bungalower that the store at 2415 E. Colonial Dr. will close on or before Nov. 19 [GMap].

“Closing underperforming stores is never easy for any retailer, but we also plan to open more than 25 new and remodeled stores during the remainder of the fourth quarter of 2014,” Tiffany Hutto a spokesperson for Winn-Dixie said.

This is not one of the stores they will be remodeling.

We reached out to the property owner. He told us he is not sure what will be going into that space yet.

What would you like to see in that space in the Coytown shopping center?

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  1. Yay! Kittens and butterflies it is – Really, there’s not much room for the other things you people said. Have you been to this place?

  2. I would love to see an ethnic national grocery chain like H-Mart here, I think it would fit perfectly into the neighborhood.

  3. We have enough grocery stores there is a trader joes, publix (x5) and a fresh market all in close neighboring zip codes . If we are staying with that theme then a BJs. We would all love a field of flowers and puppies but let’s be realistic.

  4. #traderjoes #wholefoods or a #freshmarket that would be so wonderful for the Thorton park and downtown residents! We need quality supermarkets…

  5. How about a nail salon supply store. I don’t think we have any of those (on that particular block).

  6. I wondered how long it could hang on.. rarely busy.. kind of sad but they cannot compete with publix

  7. Every Winn Dixie I’ve ever been in has been a dump. It may have been nice in its hay day but decades of (ab)use without refurbishing it (something Publix is pro at) seriously took its toll. I used to enjoy shopping there, until I found spoiled products (shredded cheese and ground beef being the most common) on the shelves. Will Wibn-Dixie follow the same path of Albertsons, Goodings, and Xxtra?
    Tear it down for a more modern space for small business.

  8. Green space (although the location stinks for something like this), retro skating rink or limited release movie house like Enzian. Definitely NO stupid theme bars trying to pretend to be like city walk (yes, I’m talking about u downtown orange ave.) or (hate to say it b/c I’d love a TJs) Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods b/c the parking and congestion would be hideous for the ppl that live in the hood behind there

  9. Ugh! Nothing brings down a neighborhood like a Payday Loans and Dollar Stores. We’re trying to improve the the area, not make it more low-rent…

  10. Oh, thank God. That was the nastiest, yellowest Winn Dixie I’ve ever stepped foot in.
    I vote skating rink!

  11. I’m sad it’s closing. It’s where I always go when I look like crap and don’t want to run into anyone I know. U0001f60a it also feels really old school. Sometimes that’s a comforting thing.

  12. That whole plaza can go.
    I like Ace & Asian restaurant, but whole configuration redo would help the area.

  13. The new WD stores are extremely nice. I wish they’d refurbish more locations like the one in Maitland. Their deli and prepared foods section blows Publix out of the water.

  14. More retail will just bring more traffic – the mall is already suffering so I’d prefer to see the retail stick to the mall area. I would love to see something local and creative take advantage of the space…

  15. I fear we will end up getting ANOTHER Cherry Blow Dry bar since those things are popping up like ticks

  16. I would love to see a NICE restaurant OR an indoor international market would (similar to east end) would be cool.

  17. Trader Joe’s would be a huge clusterfark in that location, nope. That intersection is bad enough. I like the roller rink idea.

  18. I’ve lived in the neighborhood 15 years & this is the nastiest grocery store I’ve ever been in. A few years ago I saw a rodent cross the aisle & have not been back since. When a company had to advertise how much cleaner their stores are on the radio (remember that), there’s a problem. I would love to see a closer healthier option in addition to Fresh Market, like a Whole Foods!!!

  19. An open late quiet, well lit place where people could go to study, write, or work on art projects, with free wifi, good coffee/tea, and snacks!  🙂

  20. That grocery store has definitely seen better days. I would go in occasionally for a forgotten item. It desperately needed a facelift at minimum. The selection and variety was quite terrible and I hate the produce. Another, small grocery would be nice. If not a grocery store, my vote is for a Home Goods.

  21. I popped in there today, wondered why the shelves and coolers weren’t stocked well. And they were out of Rolling Rock at $4.97. I would love a TRADER JOES!

  22. That was the nicest Winn Dixie in Orlando. Friendly staff and easy to navigate. Who’s the idiot that is closing it?

  23. There’s not much space there. ALDI would be would be nice. I could also see a CVS bring built there–they like to build across from Walgreens.

  24. I get harassed by weirdos every time I go there.. Last time I was asked to pee in a cup for some drug addicts drug test… -_-

  25. Unfortunately, anything that replaces the Winn-Dixie will increase traffic on that corner. That, is something I am not looking forward to.

  26. I agree with @beta and @kevin.. Though it’s not be best looking grocery store, it always felt good going in.. I will miss it

  27. I live in the area. Have to drive to get to whole foods. It would be amazing to walk down the street and get my organic veggies. Or grass fed meats.

  28. Actually like the retro vibe here. If you went in, you knew what you were getting into. Although the majority of my shopping is elsewhere, they felt more “neighborhood” than Publix

  29. I’m sad to see it go. Publix is running everyone out of town. Why not another Trader Joe’s?