The Princeton Updated 1

We’ve been telling you about The Princeton (Facebook) apartment complex that is being proposed in College Park.

In our Our Take analysis we pointed out that the only part of the project that did not comply with the Edgewater Drive Vision plan was the way in which the height of the building scales down as it moves into the neighborhood.

The Orlando City Council asked the developers to modify the plan to adhere strictly to the Vision Plan.

Bungalower has learned that the developers have modified their project to do so.

The project now makes a jump from five stories to three stories, instead of having an area with four stories in the middle.

This also reduced the number of units from 226 units to 206 units.

According to a letter from the developer to the community the changes cost the project over $1.2 Million.

“We knew we could not make any changes that would affect the quality of our project, and not one brick was deleted from our design. We asked our landowners, consultants and others affiliated with the project, including our firm, to make concessions and to reduce the dollars that each would get from the project. While these concessions were very difficult to obtain over the last 6 weeks, we did it and can now comply with City Council’s request,” project developer Anthony Everett wrote in the letter.

The project is scheduled for a second reading at the November 3rd City Council meeting.

Here’s a look at the updated renderings and the open letter to the College Park community:

The Princeton Updated 2 The Princeton Updated 3 The Princeton Updated 4 The Princeton Updated 5 The Princeton Updated 6 The Princeton Updated 7 The Princeton Updated 8 The Princeton Updated 9 The Princeton Updated 10 The Princeton Updated 11 The Princeton Updated 12 The Princeton Updated 13


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  1. I’m still a bit confused about how this project is to be considered “mixed use” if there will be no additional retail/commercial space.

  2. Seiji, You are spot on. It’s a tough concept for folks to think about. I’ll add one more..schools cause traffic…but not from 5-6 🙂

  3. What about it? Will every single resident have Mon-Fri 9-5 jobs? Will every single one of them come straight home every single day and be on the same street at the same time? Do residents of Star Tower, The Jackson, Sky House, Camden, Paramount… flood the streets at the same time and cause traffic issues? No! What causes traffic are business towers and concerts/games/events that bring non residents to downtown and have everyone drive in because they live so far away and don’t have the option to bike/walk/use the free Lymmo service. Condos do not cause traffic issues. I live in college park and I am not against a condo.

  4. I live downtown too and agree. The congestion complaints for new apartments are always pretty funny.

  5. Good luck to them, as a College Park resident I love the fact that there are a lot of unique local businesses along the drive. Bringing more people in the area will only help College Park remain unique and help local businesses thrive.

  6. So the Edgewater Side will still remain with Tijuana Flats and the rest of the businesses? Also, as someone who works a lot in downtown (I drive the Ocartz) I can assure you that there will not be any noticeable increase in traffic. Unless all 206 residents drive to home at the exact same time, you will see no difference. You may see an increase in the amount of people at the local establishments due to residents walking around (which is a good thing), but there wont be a ton of residents all trying to drive at the same time. It doesnt happen to the condos in downtown, and it wont happen here. The only time I ever see any traffic is when the high school has games/events and people from other parts of the city are having to use their car to drive in.