Ivanhoe Warning Sign

We’ve had a couple of readers ask us what is happening with the water quality at Lake Ivanhoe.

You can see by the sign above that city posted that the lake was “unsafe for water contact activities and irrigation.”

Bungalower has learned the City closed the lake due to a waste water pipe that failed two weeks ago near Stetson St and University Ave [GMap].

The City quickly replaced the pipe that night. Because of the way the storm water system in the area works, they suspected that some wastewater was discharged into the lake so they issued a lake alert.

The lake was reopened on October 24th, but the small lobe that was directly impacted remained closed until the 27th.

The City has assured us that everything is back to normal and they will be heading out today to ensure that all of the signs are removed.

Photo courtesy Troy Wieberg

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