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At yesterday’s State of the Downtown address Mayor Buddy Dyer shared a video that walked through ten big ideas for Downtown Orlando.

The ideas or themes are coming out of Project DTO, which we have been covering on Bungalower.

The themes or big ideas are:

  1. An awesome outdoor City
  2. A highly-connected community
  3. The best education in Florida
  4. A great place to do business
  5. A creator culture
  6. An iconic identity
  7. Stellar music, arts, sports and entertainment
  8. A diverse and open community that takes care of its own
  9. A celebration of history, heritage and culture
  10. A City built for the future

Here’s a look at the video that outlines each of them:

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  1. bdurden0718  agreed. Hopefully the Creative Village side of downtown won’t we wasted like the current downtown. I always said the Millenia Mall area should’ve been built in or near downtown.

  2. The top ten priorities do not address the need for diverse retail options.  Why is it SUCH an issue for this administration to tackle this issue?  If we do not have leadership to bring retail downtown, it’ll never happen!