The City Council voted to adopt the new Parramore Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan which will be put into effect over the next 20 years. The PCNP builds on the the steps taken by the 2005 Pathways for Parramore program (Website).

The emphasis of the program seems to be on initiatives that promote health, education, housing and social justice.

According to the City’s website the PCNP focuses on 10 big ideas that could “resolve the challenges of this community and further pave the pathways for revitalization”, including:

  • Driving economic development by creating a unique identity
  • Improving access to job opportunities
  • Promoting social and environmental justice
  • Increasing housing opportunities
  • Making education the cornerstone of revitalization
  • Empowering champions for a healthy community
  • Promoting access to healthy food
  • Investing in people, not cars
  • Maximizing the opportunity for all residents to participate in wellness programs
  • Encouraging mixed-use development

To read the complete plan, click HERE.


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  1. I actually downloaded the plan/meeting minutes. I was actually quite surprised. In a good way. I’m reluctant , but i have a bit more trust now. It’s a thoroughly comprehensive plan.