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Iconic scoreboard letters unveiled as public sculpture today



At 6 p.m. tonight Mayor Buddy Dyer, City Commissioners and the City of Orlando Public Art Advisory Board (Website) will unveil the City’s newest art installation, outside of the Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium [Gmap].

The 54-foot sculpture is adorned with letters, each about six to eight feet tall,  from the former scoreboard of the Orlando Citrus Bowl prior to the venue’s demolition last year.

The letters have been rigged with color-changing LED lights in a nod to their original colors.

The sculpture is meant to symbolize the “reinvention of the Orlando Citrus Bowl” and is standing at the main entrance of the stadium.


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  1. Great idea and reuse, but… one of the “O”s is either mounted incorrectly or or it’s a new one… look at the original placement of the stars on the two O’s.

  2. DowntownGuy Good eye! We’re guessing they just rotated it a little smidge more to the left so the it wasn’t butting up against the star in the “D”.

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