St. Matthew’s Tavern at the Orlando Beer Garden (Facebook) on Mills Avenue has put in new windows in the front of the bar.

In fact, they have uncovered old windows that were covered up years ago by a previous tenant.

The string of bars that have operated in the space  over the years (Silver Hammer, Cactus Club, Paradise and more recently, Orlando Nights) have been notoriously dark and shut off from any sort of sunlight near the main bar. The newest tenant/owner, Matt Fassl, decided to make a change last week and to let the sun shine in.

The snow flake mural pictured above is part of a rotating seasonal theme that Fassl changes every few months.

The next artist will be Boy Kong as part of the upcoming Buh-Bye event (Facebook).

20150214_180632 20150214_180644


Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. Yes it did Matt and I was joking about the trailer/Bithlo thing. Sorry some of your patrons got all bent out of shape. The inside is cute, the outside, eeeeehhhhh not my cup of tea but it’s your bar. I’ve been going to that place since I was 21 (about 80 years ago).

  2. I’m aloud my opinion. Business owners have to have thick skin. Not everyone is going to like everything, and if you can’t have a sense of humor that’s your problem. And Matt friended me and I accepted it. If he wishes to unfriend me so be it. My opinion is my own.

  3. Put some wheels on and tow yourself to the fake theme bars at city walk then if you don’t like it

  4. Hey Matthew Fassl. Since you own this place why don’t you do what ever you want with this place. If other folks want a say they should get their own bar. Just a thought.

  5. There is NO point in painting the outside until the stucco finish goes up. It will smooth the entire finish and match the other storefronts… making city permitting easier. The goal is to keep rotating new artists with mural work. The goal with the retarded decor was to make it look like it was open. It worked 😉

  6. The windows look great. Now paint outside some other color other than drab ugly. Paint the concrete surrounding the place as well. All that grey concrete is freaking fugly.

  7. The windows look great. Paint the building and the sidewalk that apparently surrounds the bar as well. The old drab gray concrete looks depressing and severe.

  8. Wow. Wow wow wow. I don’t even know what to say. Cheap Christmas lights hanging from the top, “Art” disguised as graffiti…..or “Graffitti” disguised as art????….Put some wheels and a hitch on that bitch and tow it to Bithlo. FAIL. Sad because the inside is sooooo cute with what they did with it. Make the outside match the inside, start over!!!

  9. Makes the view from the street more inviting. Could probably use a fresh coat of paint over the front graffiti, but the lights are a helpful touch.