Following in the footsteps of Orange County, the City is looking to adopt new guidelines to control the use and placement of donation bins within City limits.

Donation bins are large, unmanned bins where people can drop off used clothing, books and other items.

According to a City report, issues with donation bins include:

  • Proliferation of donation bins: All areas of the City and Orange County have had a proliferation of non-permitted donation bins, often without property owner permission, or even on public property.
  • Lack of related standards in City code: Current City code does not have explicit standards relating to unattended donation bins, so code enforcement staff have relied on requirements for attended “recycling centers” and dumpsters – the equivalent of a city-wide ban on donation bins.
  • Standards and permitting: Current City code has no standards for site location, number of bins, signage, maintenance or security. We have no permitting procedure.

On June 24, 2014 the County completed an eight-month process culminating in the adoption of a donation bin ordinance for unincorporated areas. The County’s approach allows donation bins in commercial and industrial districts subject to location and design requirements. The bins may be operated by both non-profit and for-profit organizations.


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