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A 31-story mixed-use tower with 450 multi-family units and about 17,000 SF of ground floor retail with a detached 581 space parking garage, is eyeing up a surface parking lot on Jefferson and Garland in Downtown Orlando [Gmap].

The site plans that Bungalower looked at are only at the “courtesy review” stage, so nothing is set in stone yet.

The project was actually approved as a 40-story, 460 unit condo tower back in 2007, and was known as the Presidential. In 2001, the site was approved for an office building and drive-thru bank.

If approved and actually built, the building would provide the closest option for residential space to downtown. The city is asking that the developer be responsible for expanding Gertrude’s Walk multi-use trail for that block (although it would need to be wrapped around the site and up to Garland since FDOT will not allow it to cross the tracks).

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  1. thom desoto I think you meant 7-11. There are only 2 Subways downtown, and only one of them is at the bottom of a residential tower.

  2. There is definitely the need for more affordable units. Good news is that at least one of the buildings currently under construction is planned as Section 8.

  3. you say that the path would need to be wrapped around, but it could pass through with retail frontage.

  4. “Why is the inevitable march of progress changing the city I’ve grown accustomed to?!” 😉

  5. Those in the know. Downtown is awesome. Living downtown takes a whole lot of worry out of a younger person’s social life for one. Almost everything my wife and I do is downtown…including when we party. Walking home from a bar is much safer than driving.

  6. Downtowns should be the highest residential and commercial density with mixed uses incorporated throughout. Residential and commercial in the same area brings downtowns some vibrancy and excitement as well.

  7. In before, “What kind of city puts a high rise in the middle of the business district? It should be a duplex and a parking lot. A friend of a friend told me occupancy rates are 30% anyway”