We wrote about Ferg’s Depot in January when we announced that they were finally beginning construction on the new Church Street sports bar. According to the plans, there will be a series of shipping containers that will be made to resemble train cars.

The first shipping container was installed on Monday afternoon, and according to Kristapher Jimenez, one of the men on the construction crew, Jay Leno showed up to nod his approval.

Leno was in town for a Monday night performance at the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center.

The containers will house storage, bars and food stalls.

Photo by Kristapher Jimenez


Photo by Kristapher Jimenez

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Fergs-Shipping-Containers-East-View1 Fergs-Shipping-Containers-West-View1

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  1. Steel shipping containers lend themselves to many
    architectural uses. Shipping
    containers are inherently strong from a structural perspective and they’re
    modular so they can be locked together easily. Shipping containers can also
    make excellent building materials because they are built to carry heavy loads
    and reduce construction costs.

  2. Elizabeth! The crates are on the eastern side of the depot sitting where the old historic train used to sit. There were inactive tracks there at one point but we believe they’ve been taken out to put in the infrastructure for the new Ferg’s boxes.

  3. “Ferg’s”? That’s a dumb name for ANOTHER dumb “sports bar”. There is already too many of these “sports bar” themed establishments Downtown. I like shipping containers being recycled generally…but this whole idea appears horribly conceived and planned. What an eyesore!
    As Scottie said below, why did they get rid of the old REAL train locomotive? “Ferg’s” will probably fail within the first year. You read it here first.