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We wrote about a tiny house going up for rent back in February, HERE,  in a neighborhood that we will generously call “College Park Adjacent” but it’s basically Lockhart.

The RV park on Lake Fairview [Gmap] that hosts that same house is now embracing the tiny house lifestyle. With the help of a current resident, the property owner Adam Money, is looking to transition his RV park into a tiny home community.

The average tiny house owner, according to an article by, tends to be around 50 years old, have no mortgage, and little debt. The average tiny house costs around $23,000.

The RV park is ideal for tiny house living as it has access to sewage, water and electric utilities and is within a short drive to downtown and other Main Street districts.

Money has a tiny house available for rent and is hoping to have seven new tiny homes on the property by mid-June. According to the interview cited above, Money isn’t asking any of the RV residents to vacate the park, but his goal is to have 80% of his lots holding tiny houses in the near future.

Here are some photos of some of our favorite tiny houses on Pinterest.

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  1. I love tiny houses and registered sex offenders don’t scare me, but I guarantee you that is a neighborhood with pit bulls there or nearby. I don’t care what anybody says, you risk your life and limbs, your kids and your pets if you live near even one pit bull. It only takes one getting out, which they frequently do, to ruin a life.

    1. Not true. Some dogs are issues. Fear based breed of the decade … it used to be Rotts and german Sheperds…now pits. Any untrained animal is an animal..and any animal could bite…yet humans are just as likely to harm.

  2. While the park is in the “College Park, 32804” ZIP Code, the neighborhood is really Fairview Shores and will show as such on any app or printed map–we are directly on Lake Fairview. The name of the community has been rebranded anyway, so College Park will no longer be a part of the name. But we are definitely not “basically Lockhart” because we are not right on the hipster/artsy-young-families strip. Lockhart is north and west of us. I’m less than two miles from the College Park Publix, and it takes me about 2 minutes to get to Hubby Bubbly/Dubsdread area. And by the way, I actually consider Ivanhoe Village to be part of College Park, not Mills/50-adjacent, which it isn’t.

  3. My neighbor Ronni is correct. Lockhart begins at Clarcona Ocoee Rd and OBT, 3 miles north of the park.

  4. Just because we’re not within walking distance of the Edgewater Drive Starbucks doesn’t mean we are not in College Park. We have the 32804 ZIP code. College Park is more than just the quaint homes off Edgewater Drive–just like Winter Park is a lot more than the Park Avenue/Rollins areas.

  5. Jessica, What sort of personal problem do you have with this park? This is the second time you’ve made disparaging comments on Bungalower alleging there are pedophiles living here. There are not. You do not live here, and your research telling you there are 151 pedophiles living here is completely incorrect. So, should everything be nice and strip-mall-y for you? Should we move the Tiny House community to Altamonte Springs? Oh, wait, there are already dozens of cookie-cutter developments in all the parts of town you’d be comfortable enough to live in. There are few areas in Orlando that have any room for development like this–and I could show you around town all the sanitized, gentrified developments that started as “bad, scary neighborhoods” . The park is in the 32804 ZIP code, which is technically College Park. It’s not Lockhart. It’s not Pine Hills. It’s straight up Orlando. And where do you live exactly? Orlando as a whole is VERY crime-ridden, even in the “nice” areas.

  6. I live in a tiny house at the park. Lockhart is five miles north of our growing tiny home community’s location.

  7. I live in a tiny house at Orlando Lakefront at College Park (the owner is rebranding). I can assure you that there are no sex offenders in the park. I wouldn’t have made an interstate move to park my THOW, if there were SO’s living in the community.

  8. I’ve lived at this place. You can take Lee road east and be in Winter Park in a few minutes.

  9. Brendan, I appreciate your article giving light to a new tiny house community! Would you mind giving credit to the proper owners of all the photos in your article? I can’t provide all of them, but here are some leads:
    The tiny house community shown in the first photo is from Jay Shafer’s (Four Lights Tiny House) tiny house village plans here:
    The second image (first of the Pinterest collection) with the patio with the green door and papasan chair belongs to Macy Miller (
    The third image (green container home) is Kermit from ShelterKraft Werks Inc. They are here: (and more photos of Kermit are here:

    The fourth image (with the hot tub) is from Tinywood Homes (

    The fifth image (that includes the couple) is from Tim Eddy and Hannah Fuller. I couldn’t find their contact information, but I did find an article from Apartment Therapy that uses the same photo you did. Maybe they can point you in the right direction to give credit (
    Thanks for helping to spread the tiny house news!

  10. You are so wrong .. The owner has worked incredibly hard to get that park in the condition it is in and ALL residents are thoroughly screened .. Please blog from a position of knowledge next time

  11. The RV park is called college park village. And it’s full of chesters and pedos. They really should consider finding somewhere else to do this and let those dudes live in creepy peace.

  12. Guess everyone want to playfully be a part of College Park even know it is NOT .. Playfully

  13. Sorry Jack, we were trying to playfully acknowledge that the park is really between two official neighborhoods. And technically, College Park IS Winter Park adjacent, just like Ivanhoe Village is Mills 50 adjacent.

  14. it Lochart .. NOT College Park.. so why are we pretending to be something it is not… just because it close by… REALLY.. is College Park – ” Winter Park Adjacent” … ??

  15. RVs are by nature already tiny houses. They are just making them cuter. My dream would be something mobile. U0001f60a