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A developer is eyeing up the lot on 215 E. Central Blvd [Gmap] for a possible high rise project and Bungalower got our hands on the plans well ahead of their upcoming July MPB meeting.

Editor’s note: Plans featured in this story are subject to change. 

The development will remove existing buildings from the corner of Rosalind and Central and replace them with a new 23, 930 SF high rise building featuring 219 multi-family units and +/- 30,000 SF of commercial space.

From what we can see in the plans, the 23-story building would feature lake-side cafes, a rooftop gym and pool, and what looks like a possible waterfall feature on the eastern edge of the site.

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  1. Would be sad if site includes demolishing historic little Spanish office building stepping down to park.

  2. mictim2 This development isn’t going to touch the fountain…where in the plans do you see that it will?

  3. The city’s going to grow. It will become more vertical and dense like other cities around the country. I don’t understand why people don’t get this and want the city to freeze in time development-wise. My only beef is that it’ll probably be luxury condos/apartments and that it’s sitting in Lake Eola park. However, it’s a lot better than the 7-11 that exists there.
    The people that resist these kinds of project unknowingly (or knowingly) endorse sprawl on the outer fringes. I’d have this highrise at Lake Eola 100x more than developers destroying the few remaining farms/orange groves in the metro area and development creeping up on the state parks.

  4. Huge improvement over what is there now. Not sure how it can be viewed any other way. I guess you really like the bum-laden 7-11?

  5. mictim2  Dude, historic preservation should protect iconic symbols. I don’t think many people are aware of the symbolism of what’s currently there which, by the way, is currently a 7-11. Don’t hold back civic growth for the sake of protecting relics.

  6. tom_instigator Bungalower perfect location. they need to remove the crime ridden hangout across the street first . Beautiful plot.

  7. Be a huge upgrade. Not sure about a 70 foot waterfall and the noise that may bring but other than that I like it. The cafe there will do very well.

  8. The single story 7 Eleven that is currently at that site is not a good use of the property.

  9. BOOOO. Just what we need, a huge shadow within the park and more destruction of what little historic icons we have remaining.  The current  iron swan fountain in that corner dates back about 100 years.   Plus, the gorgeous spanish style home and other historic properties would be bulldozed.  Move this project to one of dozens open lots. . . NOT HERE!!

  10. Apparently most people that comment on this page aren’t familiar with what a “city” actually consists of.

  11. TOO MUCH DENSITY! Min 1 house per acre downtown! Bring back the grazing fields in the milk district! This city is getting too crowded!

  12. Thank God, the one thing this city lacks is a nice way overpriced high rise condo.

  13. Another piece of boring architecture going up in Downtown Orlando? Wow what a shock.