orange ave 2
Rendering courtesy of the City of Orlando

The stretch of Orange Avenue between City Hall and the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center is about to get a makeover.

The City’s Streets and Drainage Department has applied to the Appearance Review Board to change the color of the pavement on this block, from “Granite Gray” to “Red Rock” to emphasize the unique character and activities that occur there.



Brendan O'Connor

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  1. I’ll admit I liked when they did the faux stamped brick thing but changing the color seems like a waste.

  2. I just looked again at the pix! Geez, the red is really ugly! Maybe it will look better in person but if they insist on doing that make it artsy and creative. Ugh! U0001f62b

  3. The red or “ginger” will actually clash with the sidewalk’s white and gray stones. If they want it to stand out paint it light blue or something really pretty but very different! Geez!

  4. It wasn’t bricked, it was contoured. Painting or dying red will just wear off, and then it will look really bad.

  5. I agree. I am usually for city spending, but this is completely unnecessary. The road is brand new and actually looks better in the before pictures. And the crosswalks currently stand out, as they should.
    I am astounded that the collapsing road that runs the length in front of Lake Highland Prep has not been replaced. It is almost undriveable.

  6. There are unique things happening all over the city. Will those areas get fancy roads too?

  7. What a total waste of money! Those grey bricks just went in. Further, adding red brick will make the already red brick crosswalks (stupid too) harder for drivers to notice. Ever wonder why there are SO MANY pedestrians struck and killed in Orlando? Look no further than this stupidity.

  8. My street is riddled with potholes.  How ’bout fixing that?  Nobody gives a damn what COLOR the street is.  It looks nice as it is.  Leave it and fix stuff that NEEDS fixing!

  9. Total waist of money!  It was just completed and looks great.  Hard to believe we have the extra funds for this when there is so much more to do.

  10. I would much prefer better cell towers for when #DTO host large street events.

  11. These are the kind of government expenditures that make you bang your head against a wall.

  12. Or how about removing the pile of rubble in front of the multimillion dollar centerpiece of downtown?

  13. I’m assuming it’s just paint over the bricks and not a swap out, correct?

  14. “Ginger” painted streets will go along great with the still-not-removed pile of dirt and debris from the abandoned round building razing project.

  15. … not sure how i feel about this. also, Bungalower, i think your title is a bit off. remove the “s” in “changes.” 😉

  16. These bricks just went in! How do they justify changing the color? This street is in perfect condition – These tax dollars need to go somewhere else where they are needed – plenty of city streets that need repairs.

  17. There’s a homeless shelter right down the street from there. Perhaps providing food and shelter to a person in need would be money better spent then changing the color of perfectly good bricks.