CNL Commercial Real Estate (Website) has revealed their plan for the $80 M office tower to be located on the southern parcel in front of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts [Gmap], infamously known for the gaping hole left behind by the drawn-out demolition of the former home of American Federal or “round building.”

The new 10-story, 250,000 SF building plans incorporate the existing Seneff Arts Plaza into the building’s footprint and will bookend the plaza with a future hotel to the north. The six levels of lower balconies will have prime views of outdoor performances.

The company is still in negotiations with prospective tenants, and will break ground in 2016.

Editor’s Note: We’re not sure if that structure behind the building rendering is a pedestrian bridge over Anderson, or a “garage pedestal” extension of the parking garage.


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  1. Any building placed there will block the wonderful sunset views from the Dr. Phillips Center balcony bar. How unfortunate. 🙁

  2. All renditions look better than the actual building itself but if the first few floors are a parking garage I’m afraid this is going to be one ugly building from the street view.

  3. It neither offends nor pleases IMHO. I happen to think CNL I and II are more attractive.

  4. So what are you suggesting? Tear dawn all tall buildings around it? Maybe around your house too so people can see it better? Geeee…

  5. The plan always was to have two office buildings flanking the small green space that leads to the Center’s front doors.

  6. Was kind of hoping the green space would extend all the way to Orange Ave. But it definitely is a nice looking building.

  7. The green space is still there, the building is going to replace the hole left by the demolition of the round building

  8. Nice looking building…but I really thought it was going to be a green space in front of the performing arts center. Not really a fan of this move 🙁

  9. So… let me get this straight… they tore down the old Coral Gables Federal bulding (sometimes known as the round building). A building that actually had some historic significance, botched the whole tear-down and now want to build a new office building in it’s place? I was assuming that they wanted the old building gone to make a big, grass plaza with views of the DPC. Guess I was wrong.

  10. I think this is actually a bad move for the city.  Yes we need more office space, but we have the entire Creative Village area thirsty for more development, and the North Quarter is going to be growing so strong.  The New Performing Arts center brings some beautiful character to this city, but to tear up green space directly in front will cut back on the centers opportunities to cater events for the public, but also ruin a truly spectacular view of the entrance and front facade of the center.