I Wish This Was is a weekly series of badly photoshopped images that transform ignored, vacant lots and properties in Orlando into something the City Beautiful can be proud of. 

Last week we wrote about the upcoming closure of the I-4 East-bound exit ramp for Ivanhoe Village.
Even though we didn’t break the story, we still had a number of upset readers who were reading about the upcoming closure for the first time. In order to get Orlando residents used to the idea of this ramp no longer being available, Bungalower would like to suggest a little pop-up event that could happen, before it’s ultimately ground up and replaced with an extra lane, a line of palm trees, or a fenced off grass slope.

What if we held a pop-up soap box derby?

We’re hard-pressed to find a lot of slopes in the Orlando City limits, let alone one with a challenging curb and lack of traffic. Imagine if we could involve Red Bull to give it a little Flugtag feel (minus the jump into the lake – or with, it’s up to you) and make a party out of it, like in the video below.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. Years of fun on that off ramp. Though a month ago presented my first ticket in 20 years for coming off a little too hot. Suppose it was a fitting good-bye.

  2. FDOT claimed it was non-conforming “neighborhood exit” and not enough usage to justify keeping based on traffic studies circa 2002.