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In the age of Google Maps, most people are used to seeing their cities through the lens of the automobile. Grids and crosshatched lines are often what come to mind when they think of the urban environment. But its a little different for pedal-powered commuters.

The Washington Post recently made a series of maps that help illustrate what cities look like to cyclists, by zooming out and mapping official lanes and rights-of-way in city DC city limits.

dc bike map


miami bike map

You can see how isolated and jarring (or even impossible) the experience can be for a cyclist trying to get from one side of DC to another. No driver would be expected to find their way through a City if the street network looked like the ones above.

Avid Bungalower reader, Zac Alfson, submitted a map to us of the Orlando area, using data from This map is missing unmarked bike lanes and wide shoulders but you still get the sense that the bike grid is still in need of some connectors.

We wrote about the City’s recent study into improving bike infrastructure, HERE.

Map by Zac Alfson
Map by Zac Alfson

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