Woodstock Orlando (Facebook | Website), the former home of Full Moon Saloon next to Parliament House [Gmap], softly opened during Gay Days a few weeks ago. The space is still in the works, but they’ve been open multiple weekends already, ironing out their kinks.
The new co-owners, Kevin Naylor and Darryl Sheppard, have transformed the former bear bar that closed in 2007 into a concert venue that will house local and visiting musicians.

Although they’ve gutted the interior, the focus of the venue is on the newly cleared two-acre lot behind the building. It now features a large green space that houses scattered screened-in cabanas/gazebos, all facing a stage in the back of the building.

Its staying a gay bar, but the new owners say that everyone is welcome.







Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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