A developer is applying to build a minor subdivision on a vacant lot near Lake Dot and Lake Concord, that would house four townhouses.

The townhouses would consist of two pairs of connected units, located on Peachtree Road [Gmap].

According to the City staff report, the plans are consistent with the requirements for approval and it will most likely be approved.


Brendan O'Connor

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  1. The renderings look better than it will actually be. The developer is also currently building a house on an adjacent lot with a garage that will be right behind the first two units. There is another house behind the other two units. The end unit farthest from Peachtree will be towered over by the giant Georgian house that stretches from Edgewater to Lake Concord. And from the front, they will look out onto the front lawn of the Senator Johnson mansion. If they can turn out landscaping as shown, it would be cool. But I just don’t see how they’re going to have room for that many palm trees and Italian cypresses

  2. Not bad given the current state of the lot.  Better than a huge apt complex or some other eyesore.