For a school that has its own Quidditch Team, it shouldn’t be surprising that Rollins College has just launched a new approach to its Liberal Arts education that embraces a Hogwarts-like house system.

All courses at the college will now be offered through given “Neighborhoods” that address certain themes. Students will then learn sciences, humanities, arts, and social sciences within the frame of their chosen Neighborhood.

Serendipitously, the City of Winter Park and Enzian will be screening Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on August 13 at 8 p.m. in Central Park, more details HERE.

Here’s a breakdown of each Neighborhood, as listed on the Rollins College website:


Innovate, Create Elevate: Do you find convention boring?  The I-C-E Neighborhood tests boundaries, pushes conventions, and devises new ways of thinking and living in this rapidly changing world.  Join us in exploring innovation across the centuries and working as creative citizens.
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Identities: Mirrors and Windows: Our identities—from our fingerprints and Facebook profile to our family trees—fundamentally shape the ways that we think about, feel, and interact with the world. This neighborhood gives students the opportunity to put themselves under the microscope (literally and figuratively!) by exploring the diverse components that factor into the construction of the self. Learning how we define our ethnic, gendered, religious, and cultural identities will reveal new ways of thinking about and engaging with the larger social, economic, political, and ecological networks of which we all are a part. As we advance toward global citizenship, these questions serve as our guide: What does it mean to be human? Where do I belong? What is a family? What can I do to make a positive impact on the world, and how?
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Mysteries and Marvels: The Holy Grail. Mona Lisa’s smile. How to live forever. Why he/she won’t return my calls. As we find comfort in what we hold to be true, we remain fascinated by that which eludes us. This neighborhood invites students to explore what we may not know about our world, our community, our friends and families, and ourselves. Through a diverse array of courses, students will examine all kinds of mysteries— ranging from artistic marvels and scientific wonders to political and cultural blind spots—in order to acquire the skills necessary to unlock the enduring mysteries of the universe… or at least of contemporary college life.
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When Cultures Collide: How do people, cultures, and environments change when different worlds—and worldviews—encounter and interact with one another? Is every corner of the Earth destined to look the same, or is it possible to resist the homogenizing forces of globalization? The increasing emphasis on global integration has catapulted these long-standing questions to the forefront of contemporary discussions about the world and our place within it. This neighborhood encourages students to examine the scientific, artistic, literary, cultural, and socioeconomic effects of our evolving world. Topics of inquiry and exploration include hybridity and diversity in religion, music, and philosophy; the effects of globalization on human, animal, and plant development; and the social, political, and cultural ramifications resulting from people migrating around the world.
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  1. I’m aware of that I spent 5 years there. but at the same time, it is the where we all reside at the moment. the fact that it is tucked in the corner just shows disrespect to the people who fought for the right that you are arguing for. I agree that we are all equal. but the simple fact remains that Rollins College is in America and wouldn’t have the opportunity to express the thing that we do, if it weren’t for the Stars and Stripes. So when it comes to the next election; don’t bother voting. Thank you.
    For listening to my opinion, if you don’t care for it, that the “Equality” stance you stand for is hypocritical!

  2. Ya Adam that’s really not a big deal man… and I’m someone who gets quite annoyed sometimes by the politics on the Rollins campus.

  3. Our Cornell Campus Center dining hall displays flags of the countries of every student that currently attends Rollins. The U.S. flag is among them.