Photo courtesy of Michael Pino
Photo courtesy of Michael Pino
Photo courtesy of Michael Pino

The wheel of fortune has made another turn for SoDo’s OLV Cafe in Downtown South [Gmap].

We’ve written about their closure, reopening, second closure and reopening but then skipped their last bout of closing and reopening to cover some other stories. Yet it seems like its has happened again, possibly for the last time.

Bungalower reader Michael Pino sent in some photos of an Eviction Notice and a Tax Lien (for non-payment of $7.318.28 in Personal Property taxes) that were placed on the front doors of the cafe over the weekend.

No word on if they’ll be opening again in the same location.

The Kimco Realty Corporation, that manages the space, has told us that OLV will not be coming back to the space, and that several different parties have expressed interest in the space.

UPDATE: According to a report by, most of the furniture and equipment has been removed from the restaurant.

olv tax lien

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  1. OMG somebody please just put an end to this and open up something new that will last in this space! Preferably something with good wine and food and brunch 😉 The old OLV we all love is gone. So PLEASE stop reopening and re-closing. Ugh.

  2. mdeancherry Yeah, the only thing that my girlfriend and I saw were some beer bottle. No beer should be left to waste like that.

  3. Unlike all the previous closings, this time someone  has taken all the stuff, i.e., the furnishings, etc have been removed. In the past it looked like the had just closed for the night every time they closed.