Pictured, left to right: Childish Gambino, Toby Keith , Tori Smith,
Pictured, left to right: Childish Gambino, Toby Keith , Tori Kelly, Meek Mill

Music streaming service, Spotify, has released an interactive map that pulls data from its listeners to rank which songs are most enjoyed by cities around the world, and Orlando is on that map.

Spotify users can click on the city of their choice and be brought to a playlist that features the most played songs in that region. That doesn’t mean it’s something that is played the most in town, it means it’s played more in that town than in any other place in the world. As Good Magazine put it when they wrote about it earlier this month, it’s a great lens through which we can understand the world around us.

Some of the songs that Orlando residents listen to on Spotify more than any other areas of the world include:

  • “I Got the Juice” by Meek Mill
  • “Expensive” by Tori Kelly
  • “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16” by Keith Urban
  • “Anything Goes” by Florida Georgia Line
  • “I.Crawl” by Childish Gambino
  • and … “Rain Sounds” from the Rain Drops for Deep Sleep album (like, the kind you legitimately would fall asleep to).

To see the entire Orlando playlist, click HERE.

To use the interactive music map, click HERE.


Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. I don’t have much confidence in the data. It’s reporting Birmingham, Alabama as Birmingham, Michigan…