According to our friends at, the SunRail Night Train could be discontinued in the near future.

SunRail had introduced a late-night service train last December, in response to requests from frequent riders. Click HERE to see the train schedule.

According to, the ridership since the launch has been low, outside of special events. The SunRail Citizen Advisory board has been managing the Night Train ridership as part of a year-long pilot program and are seemingly, unimpressed. If ridership numbers don’t increase, the late service could be cut.

To read more of what SunRail Riders has to say, click HERE.


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  1. Two problems here: 1. Most people (including myself) seem to have no idea that they were even offering night service. 2. It’s only Monday – Friday. I think most people would use it on Fri & Sat nights, and it needs to keep offering service until the bars close.

  2. I had no idea the night train started. I’ll look into it since I go downtown a LOT

  3. It’s definitely not convenient at some stations, like Sanford, where the station isn’t really close to anything at all. My personal experience with uber in that area of Sanford is that uber isn’t always activ in the area and a ride could take 20+ minutes from time of request. So you’d have to open the app at least as soon as you got on the train.

  4. My friends and I used it the first night it was available to take the 6:25 train from downtown to winter park to meet girlfriends for dinner. Unfortunately, dinner went to about 9:45 – just past the last train home. We ended up grabbing another drink with our friends and took an uber home downtown. Also, there’s no weekend service. I’m aware this all takes money and don’t know if there is a solution to provide an actual late night service to those going southbound in the evening (maybe just W-F) or weekend services in general. The i4 construction may provide more riders in the future if they want to add these later on.

  5. They cut off the night train before any of the sporting events get out which is what most people would use this for anyway. That and going out to bars, but it closes too early for that too.

  6. I took it to happy hour when we moved our office from downtown to Morse Boulevard, a block from the station, so i could walk to Dexter’s in Winter Park for our get together — didn’t mind that part, it was getting back to the station by myself that was creepy

  7. Maybe if they had “Hot Shot Girls”, “Red Bull Girls” and a Tattoo Car things would perk up at night?

  8. The whole adventure is half baked a simple light rail way like any othe modem city would of made sense doomed Mr Mannering its Doomed

  9. SunRail was set up to fail. There will never be a successful alternative to I-4 until a REAL public transit corridor is established that runs everyday…ALL DAY. “Sharing” the tracks with Conrail was doomed from the start. The Feds and the state need to intervene and buy the tracks permanently from Conrail…but with our snake of a Governor, don’t count on that happening.

  10. Downtown definitely does need shopping. I remember where there was a Woolworth, a shoe store, and a department store in downtown. I do hate how downtown is known mostly for bars/restaurants. Also I think we should have invested in a monorail so as not to disrupt traffic and to allow lines running east and west as well. But we all know from the Simpsons how a monorail turns out!

  11. People literally just started riding it more at night. Do they even check their insta tags?

  12. Downtown desperately needs retail. There’s no shopping so unless you’re specifically going to eat or drink there’s no point. That entire strip on eola drive would be perfect, if someone would buy out the law office,

  13. I think we could do without night service but start looking into weekend service instead. There’s a lot happening to downtown Sanford and I would love to be able to go take a train there for the day.

  14. It will come back when they build all those new condo’s and apartments. People will need stuff to do besides sit in crowded bars.

  15. When 2nd and 3rd phase are complete they are going to have to restart it, so when are the next phases going to be done? But when is I-4 going to be torn up is something for them to take into consideration as well. 

    Honestly I didn’t even know they allowed riders on at these times. Why not take 2 days off at night during the week and open it up for the weekend? Oh that’s right it would make to much sense.