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An unnamed Orlando resident is offering some free bees online. All you have to do is come and take them away.

The posting reads as follows (we apologize for the language – we’ve edited out the worst):

“You want ’em, come get ’em, otherwise I kill ’em. These bees are not kidding, they will [expletive] you up. You sign a waiver cuz they got something for your punk [expletive], and I ain’t paying your hospital bills. They are in an old wooden sawhorse, so you can just pick it up and get it the [expletive] off my property, it’s not part of a structure.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers


So, any takers?

Click HERE for the original posting.

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  1. Such an enticing add how could anyone resist? Lol. Fortunately we are in the apiaries business, not the extermination business. You see what I did to the bee that stung my poor puppy. U0001f41d

  2. Beez iz gone this morning! But I left the ad up with props to to y’all. Love my Bungalower monthly goodies.