Ferg’s Depot is getting ready to open their new venue in the former Train Depot on Church Street, but there’s a little sliver of land behind the fancy new shipping container oyster bars that could use a little sprucing up [GMap].

At the moment, it’s really just an ignored “between space” full of sand piles from the nearby construction and tumbleweeds of trash blown in from the street. Oddly though, someone has already installed/sponsored a little pet waste station – which hints at the current use of the space already.


Church Street, just off the main stretch of Orlando’s Central Business District, is deficient in open spaces (other than this non-greenspace) where Orlando high-rise dwellers can let their pooches run wild, even for a few minutes. In fact, it’s a common sight to see someone with their leashed dog circling a street tree muttering “go potty” and “let’s go” over and over. We think we can do better.

With some minor additions of a fence on either end of this alleyway between Graffiti Junktion and the train station, we could have a downtown dog run in no time. We say “run” because due to its long and narrow shape, it would be an ideal place to throw a tennis ball with your dog and burn off some energy. Simple and affective.

Maybe add in a hose if people want to hose down where little Rex did their business, because they’re nice neighbors. Sunshades up above to keep it cool. Astro turf donated by a local high school’s old football field, maybe a bench or two, and the park would be complete.

What do you wish this was?


dog park


Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. We need more off leash dog parks within the city limits of Orlando. There is only one at this time and it is in the way outer limits…..Need something closer to downtown and College Park!!

  2. Well, seeing as how this would be along the side of the building near the parking garage I think it’s a great idea.