Photo via Ivanhoe Village
Photo via Ivanhoe Village
Photo via Ivanhoe Village

Conveniently located on the Orlando Urban Trail [GMap], it looks like Ten 10 Brewing (Website) will be blessed with a bike rack in the next week or so.

The above photo was originally posted by the Ivanhoe Village Main Street on their Facebook page.

Editor’s Note: Before anyone asks, we don’t know what is going in the former Angel’s Landing space pictured on the other side of the Urban Trail, but we’d love to find out if anyone has any information they would like to share. 


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  1. JUICE rack or general purpose? I need to petition JUICE racking around this area…nothing convenient for Mills proper.

  2. Gotcha David! We thought you meant actual press pages. haha We’re clearly excited about cycling there to have a beer.

  3. Also, when you intend to use the cross walk to cross Virginia at The Urban Trail, make an effort to look up, & use body language showing which way you want to go. Facing down into your phone, fiddling w/ headphones & facing Mills when you actually want to cross Virginia sends the wrong message & you may wind up getting hit.

  4. haha @jason agan we specifically say in the post that we don’t know what’s happening with that building but would like to know!

  5. On a side note, that garbage can on the opposite corner is overflowing and hasn’t been emptied in over a month.