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UPDATE – AT&T has announced that will be bringing their GigaPower service to the Orlando area. Click HERE for more inforation.

AT&T announced yesterday (Monday September 14) that it was exploring the option of bringing its latest high speed internet option, GigaPower, to Orlando.

GigaPower (Website) increases download speeds to as high as 1 gigabit per second, faster than even Google Fiber, which famously has no plans to expand to the Orlando area in the near future.

The new GigaPower service debuted in Texas last year but had expanded to Miami, the only city in Florida to have it. The start-up community is noticeably excited at the prospect to have enhanced access to the internet for their work. Connectivity is a key factor for tech agencies and startups when looking at where to locate their businesses.

The service ill start at $70 a month, but you must already be a U-verse customer. To see if you are in an area that has U-verse, click HERE.

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  1. My uncle in Lafayette, la gets better internet service than me though his city provided service and I just checked and this isn’t avail at my Orl address. Boo.

  2. Bungalower its more about peering and network administration. But also, Verizon and Google would offer their own infrastructure as well as equipment. Vs, the other riding over outdated equipment and aged wiring. Also, being that Google’s data centers are some of the largest, the time information traveled from point A to B would be drastically improved.

  3. too costly. other cities did it with mutual agreements with carriers. they technically didn’t build their own, but leased space from the carrier.

  4. well, at best, uverse is going to give you 24.1 Mbps – 45 Mbps on their best day you’re going to see 40. Google fiber is 1000 Mbps. however, the bigger difference is more technical and not easily explained. Its about infrastructure, peering and network administration.

  5. Jason we were just referring to the fact that a lot of local media sources have written about the fact that Google has no plans to expand here. We didn’t mean to be cryptic or trite. Sorry about that!

  6. I wish Orlando would do what some other cities have decided to do and build their own networks instead of handing us over to private industry.

  7. I’m on AT&T, and can’t get download speeds of faster than 18 mbps. In 2015, that’s pathetic. Would grab this in a second.

  8. Well, there are some major differences between what google fiber can do vs att and century link. I am still hoping that Google or Verizon will see the potential in Orlando.