Glen Gentele, the Director and CEO of the Orlando Museum of Art, has announced the completion of a one-year strategic planning process that has set a new vision for the museum, one that could include moving downtown.

The “Forward to 100” report (posted below) suggests that the OMA should develop a new museum in the “urban core of Orlando.” The museum has partnered with Tavistock Development Company to assess the potential for the project in Downtown Orlando.

The report was developed by Lighthouse Creative, a Winter Park strategic planning and architectural firm.

Notable goals for the OMA of the future include:

  • Adding a cafe for lunch and end of day drinks.
  • House the museum in a building of architectural and artistic merit.
  • To establish collaborative exhibition programming with other museums around the world.
  • Have a dedicated IT person on staff to innovate and maintain museum website.
  • Expand the outdoor art experience with significant art collections that are accessible and viewable.
  • Create an ongoing series that includes performance art, cutting edge theater, music, and film.

Brendan O'Connor

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  1. I have an issue with this. What happens to the current OMA in Loch Haven Park?  I’m sure Tavistock would love to get their hands on that property at Princeton & 17-92.  I have an idea. Why don’t they develop the land as a mixed-use facility? We sure don’t have enough of those around here.

  2. Bungalower omaorlando moving downtown is a great idea, but please keep the city and pedestrian in mind with the new architecture.

  3. I hope the exterior of the building is better designed than the DPAC which resembles a train station or airport terminal.