David and Heather Strauss, the owners of  Orlando Organics (Facebook) will be opening a cat cafe called the Kitty Beautiful (Facebook) as in the City Beautiful, but with cats, in Downtown Orlando in 2016.

Cat cafes began in Taiwan back in 1998 and are just what they sound like; a coffee shop with cats in them. They often have dividers in them to keep the cats out of the cafe area where you can use your laptop and enjoy free Wi-Fi with your morning coffee. When you’re ready, you can just go to the other room and play with some cats.

Some models ask you to pay a cover or membership fee to access the cat playroom. The cat room is planned to be a free library of sorts, where you can simply take a book off the shelf and read with the cats.

Most American cat cafes have the added benefit of partnering with shelters and using adoptable cats looking for a home. So if you really like that one tabby you keep visiting, you can bring him/her home. According to Kitty Beautiful’s Facebook page, the plan is to foster a dozen or so adoptable cats on site.

The owners are still signing a lease on their hopeful location downtown, near the intersection of Magnolia and Robinson.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. I love this place. They had 19 cats yesterday. Most of them were really playful and they liked being petted.

  2. You can keep the cats off my laptop but, how do you expect me to read? That kat keeps banging it’s head into my arm!

  3. matthew_peddie Bungalower Wasn’t it also a matter of funding? I’d heard they just didn’t have enough money in the kitty.

  4. Jen Botner Hagge and Margie Hill will you go with me and P? She is kitty obsessedU0001f408U0001f408U0001f408

  5. Hi everyone! Thanks so much to The Bungalower for letting people know about this labor of love my wife and I are putting together. Please like the Facebook page to keep up on updates (https://www.facebook.com/thekittybeautiful/) and when our Kickstarter goes live in a week or so, please spread the word and donate if you can. Thanks!!

  6. Why can’t there be both, Pete Fuller? Don’t be such a jerk. I’d love to play with dogs and cats. Of course having dogs in a place is a little more complicated. That’s probably why dog cafes don’t exist.