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The Mills Park development has been sold


Vero Beach company, Evans Properties Inc., has purchased the Mils Park retail complex at the corner of Mills Avenue and Virginia Drive [GMap] according to a report by Paul Brinkmann of the Orlando Sentinel.

The 8.74 acre complex was sold for $29.6M and includes the Fresh Market, Firebirds Restaurant, retail and offices.

The Gallery at Mills Park residential building was not included in the sale.

In case you were wondering, Segafredo Espresso Cafe is still closed for “renovations.”

To read the full report by the Sentinel, click HERE.

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  1. The built parking garage looks like it’s buckling. There are panels that are visibly bulging out. Could you look into this?

  2. They aren’t structural. The panels in question are large styrofoam panels attached to outside of the garage.

  3. This kind of “flow” is pretty common. Develop a site and build it out, get a few tenants to make the property look attractive, and sell for profit. Most developers don’t want to be in the business of supporting the actual structures they build. Hopefully a new owner will be more focused on business development and getting those empty units filled. I think this is a good sign!

  4. This was not the original design, the mayor and commissioners sold us out on this, plus they omitted the street improvements which the builder was to supply as well. Stop voting in do nothing politicians may help?
    What happened to the Landscaped Courtyard and ?

  5. It was TOO soon to cash in with chain stores in the still gentrifying neighborhood. Should have waited a few years…

  6. Do you know if it includes the undeveloped lot in front of the apartments beside Yamasan? That’s been sitting for several years undeveloped. The original plan was for some type of medical/office low-rise, but obviously, that was never built.

  7. The building that used to house Segafredo has been taken over by another restaurant. I don’t know what it is yet.
    The parking lot behind the Brass Tap is still slated for a medical office building, but I don’t think it’ll stay that way.
    Glad to hear the development was sold. Evans Properties is involved mainly in the citrus fruit grove business, so It’s curious to hear that they’re buying retail real estate. We’ll see, I guess.

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