A 575 SF garage apartment on the north end of Park Avenue [GMap] will be available for rent on May 1 and is asking $1,300/month, which covers utilities and cable.

The single-occupancy apartment comes with garage parking but no washer or dryer.

Dogs are welcome but there is a $250 pet fee.

Interested parties can email [email protected] for more information.



Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. No, I pay less for a three bedroom house in the Virginia/Mills area. It’s a way better area with lots of bars and great restaurants with real character. 575 square feet, is tiny.

  2. As someone who currently lives up the block and pays about the same. This is a better option than where I live. If you want this place and are just now seeing it you’re probably too late.

  3. If you love the suburbs, no. If you need space to hoard your things, then no. If you love great restaurants, events, parks, shops at your door step and within walking/biking distance, HECK YES!

  4. No. I would *maybe* consider $1,000, since utilities are included. I’m not their intended tenant though; someone’s mommy and daddy would be happy to pay that price.

  5. I can remember back on a 1300 SQ FT home I owned in Oviedo the FHA mortgage monthly payment was around $300 a month..

  6. Nope, if I were going to rent a studio and was willing to spend up to $1300, if get a place downtown.

  7. Sure you could have more and waste your life away commuting. The best things in life aren’t things (square footage, pool, etc).

  8. Walking distance to everything in a high end college area, and allows pets? sounds reasonable.

  9. Never. But if it’s someone’s cup of tea… I don’t doubt someone will rent it.

  10. We didn’t set it up for anything Holly. We’re honestly just asking a question. Not sure about furnishings. They were our favorite part.

  11. It doesn’t seem very ‘community oriented’ to set up a post like this for negative comments. Someone will love the location. Furnished?

  12. Why would you when you could own a large house with a pool for the same price? No one really cares what your zip code is.

  13. Actually, there are many that beat it. It’s not like park ave in NY or any Street in Chicago. It doesn’t offer enough for the money. That area needs more business.

  14. Absolute not. I come to work in this exact location everyday and it’s definitely not worth it.

  15. It’s park ave in Orlando. Have you ever been outside of Orlando? It’s not worth it.