There has been an MPL request for a new development that would place 356 multi-family residential units along the Cady Way Trail [GMap]. The project, called Alexan at Audubon, would be comprised of a series of eight, three, and four story buildings with a clubhouse, pool, a maintenance building, and garages.

The proposed development would use a portion of property owned by the Fashion Square Mall and a portion that is under the purview of Orlando Office Center.

Here are a number of renderings of the proposed development, prepared by Charlan Brock & Associates (Website).



new merita tenant

The site’s plant list includes drought tolerants and natives like pineapple guava, sycamores, and bald cypress and also include improvements to the nearby Cady Way Trail, as seen below.

new merita tenant

new merita tenant


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  1. I don’t see any improvements to Cady Way Trail. Looks like they want to build a parking lot around the trail. That always makes things better.

  2. They would have to replace the retention somewhere … Great overlay Todd, thanks for this.

  3. Not so sure about “improving” the trail – looks like we lose the lake, increase traffic along the trail, and create additional conflicts with cyclists at Bennett and through the parking area.