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I Wish This Was is a series of badly Photoshopped images that transform ignored, vacant lots and properties in Orlando into something the City Beautiful can be proud of. 

Following the recent closure of Coffee Culture Café & Eatery (Website | Facebook) on North Orange [GMap] we thought we would use a wish to help create something that we think the North Quarter District is missing … a community market/General Store.

It could specialize in selling super-cool groceries and toiletries. unique sundries. If you add some quick and delicious breakfast options and coffee you’d have a winner on your hands. Something else to keep those high-rise tenants in their new district instead of having to leave whenever they need something to make dinner with.

Like if you combined Handy Pantry, 903 Mills Market, Artichoke Red, and Propagation.

What do you wish this space was?

Magasin General photo via
Magazin General photo via
904 Mills Market photo via Google Street View
904 Mills Market photo via Google Street View



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  1. Yeah! That place would be perfect for a store- there is nothing nearby that sells craft beer. (Bars don’t count) Bonus points if they serve coffee and local baked goods. I hate giving my money to 7/11 and refuse to buy from the new Dunkin being built.
    Orlando is already saturated with corporate chains. Let’s keep our city unique!