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The Battaglia Group (Website) is planning to build a three-story office and retail building at 158 E. New England Avenue in Winter Park, not even a block away from Park Avenue [GMap].

They are in the process of applying for approval from the City, but if approved, they could be building the 53,000 SF structure on a .61-acre lot, kitty-corner from Luma on Park (Website).

Current plans pitch basement parking, ground floor retail and restaurants, with second and third story office space.

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  1. Again, I don’t want to start an argument. But I am curious. What makes winter park special to you? To me, it is the pedestrian infrastructure. Walk-ability. outdoor cafes. independent shops and restaurants. As long as we are developing projects that focus on human (and NOT automobile) usage, then I believe we are truly protecting and preserving what makes winter park a special place. I have no love or use for a parking lot. it is neither beautiful or useful. Replacing it with shops, restaurants, and living spaces enriches our city.

  2. And that I am. I am not in favor of Walmart style parking. I am just trying to maintain the character of the town I have known for over fifty years.

  3. I dont see how this changes the character of winter park. Building up and Multi use will enrich and sustain winter parks charm. This type of development supports pedestrian lifestyles. Surface parking and low density will just turn us into typical Floridian sprawl. But I don’t really want to argue about it.

  4. This has nothing to do with parking. It is about the character of Winter Park.

  5. These people will refuse any developments that don’t have Walmart style parking.