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Dr. Phillips Charities has purchased OBT ReStore property


The Habitat for Humanity ReStore (Website) at 2105 N. Orange Blossom Trl. [GMap], has been purchased by Dr. Phillips Charities and will close at the end of the month.

Dr. Phillips has already cleared two nearby lots in preparation for an upcoming project. No details have been released at this time. Dr. Philips has indicated, verbally, that they were considering doing a mixed-use project on the site.

According to the City of Orlando, there have been no pre-application meetings or anything else that would indicate if this is still their intention and exactly what they have currently planned for the property. The only thing permits that have been pulled at this point were for the the fence construction and demo permit.

According to ReStore employees, the organization is still trying to find a new location.


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  1. Dr. Phillips Charities is like the slum lord of OBT.  I hope they will finally start developing their collection of dilapidated buildings and cleaning up the trail.  We can only hope.

  2. Not sure, but it looks like they’ve owned that property for many years.  It wasn’t recently bought or sold.  At the very least they’ve owned it since before 2006 when it was last occupied by Gould Pumps (prior tenant before Habitat).

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