There’s a new app that’s beta testing in San Francisco, New York, and LA right now called Pooper (Website).

Pooper lets users call for backup when their dogs (or even cats, as shown in the video) have a poop. They simply snap a photo, tap “request a scoop” on the app, which flags the location of the turd on a map, and then you leave. You’ll receive confirmation once your poop has been scooped.

There are different membership levels; Pooper Basic, Pooper Plus, and Pooper Elite that come with their own perks. Basic includes two scoops a day in a 15 mile radius for $15 a month, Plus gets you three scoops a day in a 30 mile radius and lets you roll over your unused scoops to the next month for $25 a month, and for $35 a month, Pooper Elite members get unlimited scoops in an unlimited “scoop radius.”

If you’re looking for a part time job, you could sign up as a professional Pooper Scooper. Scoopers are paid per scoop and all they have to do is follow the notifications on their smart phone when a poop is pooped in their area. Bags are provided.

The slogan for this new app? “Pooper, your dog’s poop, in someone else’s hands.”

Editor’s Note: Another name for this could be “Poopymon Go.”

Brendan O'Connor

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  1. Well rich people avoid it all the time by hiring dogwalkers. My concern is how much delay there would be between the poop and scoop. Makes enforcement (such as it is) really difficult and someone might step on it in the meantime.

  2. As much as I’d like for every dog to get rescued, I think if you can’t handle this basic responsibility, then you shouldn’t get a dog.