This mid-century modern property was just completely renovated. The three bedroom, two bath single-family home is located at 3244 N. Orange Avenue [GMap], just outside of Health Village. Located Orwin Manor, this home has easy access to Winter Park, College Park, Ivanhoe Village, and SunRail.

Everything in this 1,396 SF home was completely redone, including a new roof, plumbing, drywall, electrical, the kitchen and the bathrooms. Other notable features include a back deck, carport, patio, and detached shed.

The current asking price is $329,900.

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  1. I think it looks nice from what I can see! You can’t please everyone and unless they are looking to buy, their opinion doesn’t matter.

  2. The terrazzo floors had been ruined with heavy grade machine oil leaked from industrial tools stored in the main living area. In fact, the ENTIRE house was used as a storage unit for 20+ years.

  3. Hi, I’m the homeowner of this property. There are a couple comments questioning how much we changed the original features of this home, so I thought I’d share some details. This home did in fact have terrazzo floors. Unfortunately, the home had been used as storage for decades by the previous owner. They left heavy machinery that leaked motor oil into the terrazzo. We hired a terrazzo expert to try to restore and repair the floors, but they were too far gone. It actually broke our hearts to cover it (I’m still devastated). Everything that could be saved was. We repaired the original plaster walls in 80% of the house (some had already been torn out of the kitchen), replaced the original wood on the front of the house, and replaced the broken screen block on the outside with new but similar screen block. Other things had to be completely redone like the electrical, plumbing and roof, which all hadn’t been repaired or upgraded in at least 30 years. The kitchen is also completely new because the previous one had been torn out in the 90s and never replaced. We paid attention to every detail and tried to restore a very far gone MCM home back to its previously glory – with a few modern upgrades. There never was brick or wood beams on the inside as one commenter suggested, though that would have been nice! We are big MCM fans and hope others will love the house the way we do. Unfortunately, we can’t change that some things couldn’t be saved 🙁 We think some of the finer details are better seen in person than pictures. Come to our open house this Saturday 8/13 and see it in person! You can also see where we got some of our design inspirations from issues of Atomic Ranch Magazine

  4. Bungalower ty it’s lovely and also my uncles renovation and design! Will grab that link tonight thank you U0001f618

  5. If you totally gut it, it’s not an MCM anymore. It probably had terrazzo floors and wood beams and brick in the living room. Now it has an IKEA bathroom. I think that’s a bit sad. Just the preservationist in me, I guess.