“There appears to be at least two missing bike racks in the corral in front of Hammered Lamb. They’ve been missing for a few weeks and I’m wondering if there are plans from the City to reinstall them. ” – Bungalower reader


The bike corral on Orange Avenue in front of Hammered Lamb was the first of its kind to be installed in the City of Orlando. Since then, a number of the racks have had to be replaced by the City, after bar goers have backed into them while parallel parking. The corral is currently missing three of its racks due to misuse and various accidents, and has been lacking replacement racks for a number of months. We wrote about the corrals somewhat HERE when the former Ivanhoe Village Main Street director pushed for branded bike parking along the Orange Avenue corridor.

According to Cassandra Lafser, Keeper of Knowledge and Press Secretary for the City of Orlando,  there are a couple of issues going on with the corral.

“Some of the racks have been hit by cars that were parallel parking in the adjacent spaces. People are also parking scooters and motorcycles next to the racks, which have sometimes bent the racks. The racks are also having a hard time being anchored into the sub base of the roadway. We are currently looking at different products for this location, including one where the racks are anchored to two metal channel beams.” – Cassandra Lafser

So there you are Bungalowers. The City is aware of the issue and is seeking to fix it. But you need to stop parking your motorbikes and scooters in the bike racks, and stop backing into the corral.

One innovative solution to stopping people from parking their scooters in City bike racks is this design by innovative problem solvers Cyclehoop (Website), featured on  It blocks access from the street, while somewhat protecting the bikes from passing cars, and it looks good.


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